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Zowotec 480 Exterior Top Coat - Coloured (1 Litre)

Zowotec 480 Exterior Top Coat - Coloured (1 Litre)

Water-based, one-component, early block resistant, highly weather resistant, opaque sprayable intermediate and final coating emphasizing the natural wood surface.

Zowo-tec® 480 is applied as the top coat after priming with Zowo-tec® 385. Zowo-tec® 480 is available in RAL 9016 & RAL 9010 as standard or can be mixed to any RAL colour and other standard paint colours.

Zowo-tec® 480 is sprayable and applied at a rate of ca. 150 - 300µm. 

Also available in 5, 10 & 20 Litre drums

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