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Hesse Lignal Hydro 1C Primer HP6633-9343 (7 Kg)

Hesse Lignal Hydro 1C Primer HP6633-9343 (7 Kg)

HP6633-9343 HYDRO Primer is a single component, water dilutable primer with excellent filling properties and a thixotropic formula.

  • Single component so can be used straight from the pot
  • Excellent filling properties due to thixotropic formula
  • 2 hour drying time giving quicker turnaround time in the finishing shop
  • Ideal for use when top coat is hand painted using alternative water-based products
  • Can be pigmented to suit any colour requirements
  • Classified as a one-pack perfromance coating (Decopaint Category - I)
  • VOCs - 78 grams per litre - BREEAM Complaint
  • Free of harmful solvents and only requires P2 mask when spraying
  • Also available in 25kg drums


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