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Hesse Lignal Hydro 2C Primer HDP5640-xxxx (7 Kg)

Hesse Lignal Hydro 2C Primer HDP5640-xxxx (7 Kg)

Coloured HP5640 HYDRO Primer is a dual component primer with excellent filling properties and a thixotropic formula.

  • Excellent filling properties due to thixotropic formula
  • Can be machine sanded
  • Carries EN13501-1 (C-s1, d0) and IMO certification
  • Can be pigmented to suit any colour requirement
  • Decopaint Category J
  • Free of harmful solvents and only requires P2 mask when spraying
  • Also available in 25kg drums

Please indicate the colour you would like in the box below. The pricing shown is for colours in the 'pale' range which covers 95% of colours available. If the colour ordered is in the 'bright/deep' range then we will contact you before proceeding with the order.

This product will be mixed to a colour similar to the colour of your choice but is likely to be much paler due to the large amount of white pigment in the base material.

 This product requires hardener HDR5081 (ratio 7:1 by volume) 

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