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About Adhesives

Redwood Innovations supply a full range of adhesives for every application. We stock products from Anchor, Apollo, Bostik, Borden and many more. From PVA supplied in bulk in our EcoCrates, to small tubes of epoxy resin - we offer next day delivery nationwide (excluding some parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland) when ordered before 2pm. At Redwood Innovations we take the time to understand your specific requirements before we recommend a reliable adhesive solution.


Here at Redwood, we stock a wide range of high performance, industrial-strength PVA adhesives, suitable for a wide range of wood, glass and metal finishing projects to provide surfaces with excellent water resistance, adhesion and flexibility.

Canisters & Aerosols

Redwood Innovations stock a wide range of spray contact adhesives in canister, aerosol and pressure pot form for wood, metal & glass surfaces.

Solvent Based

Solvent-based adhesives are a popular option with our customers thanks to their quick drying times, durability and ability to withstand high temperatures – making them especially ideal for the shop fitting & furniture industries.


Polyurethane adhesives are regularly used in the interior and exterior woodworking industry and are known for their quick drying and gap filling properties.


Hotmelt adhesives are available in a wide range of stick and bead forms and are used widely for edgebanding and packaging production.


Cyanoacrylates adhesives are  ideal for quick bonding particulalry for small  items.


Our urea-formaldehyde products are available for both hot and cold processing and can be purchased as two part systems, with a liquid resin and hardener, or in powder form that can be readily mixed with water.



Eco Crates

We have designed Eco Crates as the perfect eco alternative to traditional IBCs for PVA adhesives. When you order your PVA supplied in our fully reusable, stackable crates, you’re not only helping the environment but also minimising waste – helping you and your business to save money.

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